Hey you! I'm Zophie!

I am an artist and teacher from North Bay, Ontario and adore making art that creates lasting memories!

When i'm not creating art, you'll likely find me binge watching something on Netflix, spending time with my family or trying to bake a delicious treat usually involving chocolate.

I have always been a dreamer. My husband can tell you that when he met me, I always said I would make the dreams of my kindergarten self come true and be an artist one day. Life is funny sometimes, and leads you down paths you didn't expect. I worked in a corporate job for 11 years as a Manager, with some jobs in teaching, consulting and facilitating along the way. Although I loved the people, there was no passion in the work at the corporate level when I was a Manager. I love teaching and being able to work with students and help shape their minds, and any time I can incorporate creativity into that I do my best to integrate it.

Soon after I turned 29, my life changed. My son was born. Everything that I had pictured as a long term plan was turned upside down. Not only because I was in the neworn phase and didn't remember the last time I ate, but because this sweet, precious little boy made me believe I could be so much more. What I loved about my job was the interaction with people, but I needed to still find that in work. So after 11 years, I quit that corporate job and returned to teaching full time. It gave me more flexibility with being able to do my art, spend quality time with my family, but I was also helping to inspire and work with students of all ages and i’m loving it. I love being able to wind down with my art, and it brings back an element of happiness I was missing for a long time when I wasn’t teaching or working in a school.

wanted to find a different way to serve others, and found that it would be through teaching and through my art.

What has made me happy in this journey? Seeing my clients light up when I present them the home portrait of their childhood home, or their pet portrait of their furry little friends. It makes me ecstatic having my client reach out to me late at night to tell me: "Yaaas queen, what did I do to deserve you?" because their vision in their brand, website or graphic came to light and I was able to do that for them. 

If I can make any of these feelings and emotions come to life for you, then I'll consider my work done.